My name is Cynthia Simpson and my passion is making cards and crafts using Stampin’ Up products. I live in Memphis, Tennessee  and have three wonderful children and two lovely granddaughters.

I discovered my love of Stampin’ Up and card making in 2002. I had never heard of Stampin’ Up but I ran across a flyer about making cards. I talked my neighbor, Byronna (in South Dakota) into going to the class with me. Low and behold, that’s all it took. I was then hooked. She got hooked also. We spent tons of time together making cards and sharing our time with each other. In November 2012 I became a part of the Stampin’ Up family. I love sharing my ideas an knowledge with other people.

So if anyone lives in the Memphis  area and are interested in paper crafting and just want to hang out and craft with someone, I am the one – give me a shout. I am always looking for new friends and people to hang out with. If anyone is interested in acquiring Stampin’ Up products send me an email: cynthia.hawking999@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you.

I am totally hooked and take some time to play everyday. Love it.

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